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Words: Deterrent, implication, inequity, infirmity, infringe, innovation, revitalize, sparse, subjective, succinct,

1- 2 When the candidate for mayor saw the sparse turnout for his speech, he knew he had to do something to revitalize his campaign.

3-4 Future innovations in technology, particularly on the Internet, may make it easier or a government to infringe on the privacy of citizen’s computer records.

5-6 Although arthritis can be a painful infirmity, Aunt Fern refuses to let it be a deterrent to her active. For example, she continues to go square-dancing every week.

7-8 All editorials are subjective they represent someone’s opinions. In an editorial for example, writers are free to argue against the inequity of police brutality, instead of just reporting on it.

9-10 A sign may be brief and still have several implications. For example the succinct sign “Dangerous Curve” suggests that drivers should be wary and slow down, that the curve ahead is sharp, and that bad accidents have happened there before.

Words: Deterrent, implication, inequity, infirmity, infringe, innovation, revitalize, sparse, subjective, succinct,

While I was looking through a men’s hair-care magazine, I noticed many ads for toupees and hair thickeners. The (1) implication seemed to be that a man’s baldness is a major (2) deterrent.

Well, I’m not going to let anyone (3) infringe on a man’s right to be bald, or to demoralize those who have already lost heir hair. Listen, all you baldies. You may feel it’s a serious(4) inequity that some heads have only (5) sparse hair while others are thickly covered, but I think bald men including my father are terrifically attractive.

Sure , that’s just my (6) subjective opinion, but I’m not alone. I know another woman whose boyfriend went so far as to shave his head in order to (7) revitalize their tired romance.

My thick-haired boyfriend hasn’t offered to go quite that far, but I wouldn’t offer any (8)deterrent to him if he had an inclination to do the same thing. I know drug companies manufacture medications to produce hair on bald heads, but that’s one (9) innovation I would discourage any man from using. I’d even like to see the day when toupees are as obsolete as hoop skirts. I hate to see all those beautiful, shiny bald heads covered up. Or, to be more (10)succinct :bald is beautiful.

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    Excellent! All are correct! :-)

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    Actually there is one wrong which is in the 2nd activity, (2) is infirmly, not deterrent.

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    you are right

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    so what is the correction

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