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AP Biology

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I got a question that comes from the 1990 released test #61 that I'm completley lost on

61. In a population that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of a recessive allele for a certain hereditary trait is 0.20. What percentage of the individuals in the next generation would be expected to show the dominant trait?
a. 8%
b. 16%
c. 32%
d. 64%
e. 96%

The key says E is the answer but I don't see why or how can you please exlain how this is so... I believe that the reason why I can't get this answer is becasue it's asking of the individuals of the next generation in which case I don't seem to know what to do.... thanks!!!

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    It is a trick question. means just that, the next generation will contain the same frequencies, .2 will be recessive, so .04 will be homogyzous for the recessive, and 96 precent will show dominant trait. (64 homozygous, 32 heterozygous).

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