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I've got to describe homologeous chromosomes in terms of the type and # of genes that they possess.

How would I describe that?

-The genes on one of the chromosomes in the pair correspond to the genes on the other chromosome in the pair.

(Have I done this correctly? I'm not sure if I've actually answered this question, thanks a lot 4 all of ur help:-)

I need help with this as well.

I need help finding the chromosome numbers.

The organism is a human. If the Diploid number is 46, then what is the parent, somatic cell, Haploid cell, and Gametes number? Please help me with this one. The others I'll do by myself by following your path on how to do this. Thanks a ton.

Please do not provide any sites. Thanks:-)

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    We provide sites to show you where to look. We do NOT do the looking and listing for you.


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