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Need help with these:

12. Name the property: 8 + 3.4= 3.4 + 8
a. Inverse Property of Addition
b. Associative Property of Addition
c. Commutative Property of Addition
d. Inverse Property of Multiplication
I think the answer is C

16. The standard form for a linear equation is ____________

34. Find the range for the function y = x
a. all real numbers
b. all positive numbers
c. all negative numbers
d. none of the above

37. Classify the number as rational or irrational number: 0.444444


  • Algebra -

    The answers you gave are correct.
    The one you did not try is
    y = mx + b.

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  • Algebra -

    Standard form for a linear equation is

    Slope intercept form is

    y=mx + b

    About the only use of the "standard" form, in my opinion, is inputting to a matrix for gaussian reduction.

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    -3/22x all numbers for which this problem are undefined

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