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hi I need help editing my intro. How can i open with an interesting question yet keep it formal. please proof read.

Do the terms national, familial, sexual, postcolonial, ethnic and racial hold the same meaning? Ofcourse not. However, Selvaduri’s Funny Boy uses these concepts in such a way that the boundaries of these terms begin to collapse in one another, where familial becomes political and sexual becomes national. This mixing of boundaries results in the nature of identity in Funny Boy to become highly negotiated and fragmented, as seen through Arjie, Aunt Radha and Arjie’s mother. Each character has a unique identity however, this individual identity is kept hidden and oppressed because of the identity characters are expected to have according to the social constraints and the norms of the society in Sri Lanka. This constant suppression leads to the characters living dual lives and facing various problems in the struggle towards forming an identity as clear resolutions are not provided for the problem of identity.

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