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7. Keeping people healthy is a challenge in Africa because
a. governmets are not concerned about health matters
b. drought and famine cause poor diets and weaken the health of many people
c. modern medicine has not yet reached the continent
d. hurricanes and earthquakes cause widespread damage


8. What event led to Great Britain's renewed itnerest in Egypt in the late 1800s?
a. the opening of the Suez Canal
b. discovery of oil in the Sinai Peninsula
c. the building of the Aswan Dam
d. the French invasion of Egypt


13. Why does Egypt import more than half of its food supply?
a. to encourage cotton production on arable land
b. to encourage rural Egyptians to give up their traditional ways of life
c. to promote industrialization
d. to meet the demands of a rapidly growing rapidly population

I'm stuck between A and D. I think its D

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    all ok, except 13. Your text is really old. Egypt is not importing more than half its food supply, it now only imports about 40 percent. So why can't it produce food:

    Most of the food farmers have small farms, 1 acre or less. They are grossly inefficient. Water is a chronic problem, even with the Aswan Dam, water is in short supply, the annual per captia water allocation has been reduced by 30 percent in the last 15 years. Finally, the country is incredibly poor, and is governed economically by the World Bank, which consists of members looking to set trade policy favorable to themselves, which means importing food.
    Of all your poor answers, answer d is the best, but I wonder if your text agrees.

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