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37. Hyphae
a. increase the surface area-to-volume ratio of the fungus
b. have slender filaments
c. allow for efficient uptake of nutrients
d. all of the above

38. In which process do tRNA molecules attach amino acids to the growing chain according to the codons?
a. transcription
b. replication
c. translation
d. transformation

11. Solar energy can be trapped in the atmosphere by
a. the chemical bonds of carbon dioxide
b. the chemical bonds of ozone
c. radiation
d. sunlight
Not sureā€¦B?

33. In addition to causing disease, protests also affect humans through
a. their role in the nitrogen cycle
b. their antibiotic properties
c. their ability to clean up oil spills
d. all of the above


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    33. Nearly all antibiotics are made from fungi. Nitrogen fixing is made by bacteria in roots.
    Answer c is true.
    11, the question I have been gritting my teeth over, and avoiding your post because of it. Solar energy trapped? Grrrr. Solar energy in the atmosphere is stored 99percent of it in water molecules. Water can absorb a lot of energy, so the little water vapor in the atmosphere is to account for the mechanism for energy distribution worldwide. How do they get the energy (convection? conduction? radiation?)? Mainly by infared radiation. THe infared radiation reradiated from reflective or warmed bodies can be absorbed by water molecules...just as your microwave oven works...and the water stores the energy.
    Now your answers: a, b, c, d? None of them are right. infared radiation moves the energy to the water, and the water stores it. Duh. I don't know what to say, thus I have avoided these questions.
    38, yes translation
    first one: yes all.

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    That's alright, about #11...thanks so much! (:


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