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This is for my English 101 class, I have to write a 3 page paper. Why did the recent history of liberalism and neoconservatism curiously mirror and parallel the modern African American civil rights movement?

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    Great topic for an essay!

    How would you like us to HELP you with it?

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    I would like a starting point, I really don't understand the question. I am not good with politics at all. I've been researching it but I'm still at a loss.

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    I suggest you start by reading about the Civil Rights movement. Jot down key ideas.

    Do the same for neoconservatism and liberalism.

    The main connection I see is the tremendous hostility between these two seemingly diverse elements in the U.S. The Civil Rights movement and the political groups brought out a few ultra radicals for each side. But many more moderate people felt passionate about their point of view and worked hard to promote it.

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    Thank you for that. I will continue trying to figure this out.

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    i suggest you show tits or gtfo

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    choose the best word?
    If they----that the weather was going to be so bad, they wouldn’t have gone to the beach.
    Were knowing/had known/known/knew

    my answer is known

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