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Minor Body | Asteroid|Meteor|Meteorite.



The last one is supposed to be Comet; after Meterorite. I'm confused a little. How do I list the similarities and differences between these? I would get how to do this if it was a ven diagram, but like do I list the same things for the similaraties? Clarification on this would be appreciated, thanks

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    Minor Body |Asteroid|Meteor|Meteorite.

    Similarities| | |

    Differences| | |


    It was supposed to be like this, sorry. There is a line between asteroid, meteor, meteorite, and comet.

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    The lines which are between Minor body, asteroid, meteor, and meteorite, go all the way down, which I can't post.

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    Answer these questions to get you started:
    how is a meteor and astroid similar? How are they different?
    How is a comet different from a meteor? How are they alike?

    So make questions like these, and answer them. I agree with you, the table is confusing.

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