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23. A medical condition that can be treated by using proteins produced through genetic engineering is
a. depression
b. multiple sclerosis
c. hemophilia
d. all of the above

26. Endosymbiosis best explains the possible evolutionary beginnings of
a. prokaryotes
b. cyanobacteria
c. eukaryotes
d. all of the above

17. During transcription, the genetic information for making a protein is "rewritten" as a molecule of
a. messenger RNA
b. ribosomal RNA
c. transfer RNA
d. translation RNA

18. When genetically engineering an organism, a plasmid
a. is the main chromosome of the bacteria that is cloned
b. is cut with a restriction enzyme to accept the gene of interest
c. helps screen for cells that didn't take up the gene of interest
d. combines with the gene of interest to make a replicating chromosome


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    This is unacceptable. Keystone students may not use answer sites for tests. The Lesson 2 biology test should be completed exclusively based on the book. Anyone could answer this question, and anyone could get it wrong. Please do not use any sites like this again.

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