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14. The major components of a DNA molecular subunit are
a. a chromosome, deoxyribose, and double helix
b. a five-carbon sugar, phosphate group, and a nitrogen-containing base
c. adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine
d. all of the above

16. During DNA replication, all of the following steps occur EXCEPT
a. enzymes proofread new strands for errors and correct them
b. the double helix is unwound by DNA polymerases
c. base-pairing rules determine which nucleotide is added to new strands
d. each strand of a DNA double helix is copied, forming two identical double helixes

17. When errors in nucleotide sequencing occur,
a. DNA polymerase replaces the incorrect nucleotide with the correct nucleotide
b. enzymes dissolve the incorrect nucleotide so DNA polymerase can add the correct one
c. purines replace pyrimidines in the DNA molecule
d. DNA polymerase proofreads for errors while another enzyme corrects it

15. Which of the following is NOT true about DNA replication?
a. It must occur before a cell can divide
b. Two complementary strands are duplicated
c. the double strand unwinds and unzips while it's being duplicated
d. The process is catalyzed by enzymes called DNA mutagens


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    well, 15 is correct, the others are not.

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