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Hi my name is Lily. This is the first time I am oing o be in a spelling bee. Our class is practicing my teacher will choose three students I really want to be one of them can you please help me so I can have a good peperation?
Thank You in advance

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    Hi. I've been working with spelling be contestants for many years.

    If you have a list for studying, then you should practice and then practice some more. Some students find it useful to write the words several times. Some find it useful to spell them out loud to a willing pronouncer. One of my top spellers drove his mother nuts by asking her to pronounce the words over breakfast and at other times of the day.

    Print the words you have particular trouble with on Post-it notes and stick them on your mirror and other places where you'll see them often. Use different colored pencils or markers for the difficult letters (i.e., double letters, -ant/-ent, etc.)

    Good luck!

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