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Unit Rate
How do I know what number goes on top and what number goes on the bottom. For example
3 pounds for $1.89

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    YOu can do it each way:

    Both are unit rates, one is lbs/dollar, the other is dollars/lb

    rate1= 1.89/3= 93 cents/lb or
    rate2= 3/1.89= 1lb/1.57

    You use the one depending on the type of problem..

    What is the cost of 34 lbs?
    cost= rate*lbs= .93dollars/lb *34 lbs
    What is the amount I can get for 53 dollars
    amount= rate*dollars
    amount= 1lb/1.58dollars * 53 dollars
    =33.5 lbs

    So which rate? Examine both, and examine what you are looking for.

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    Money goes on top

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