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13. The _____ contains production information about each part used to make a prodcut.
a. bill of materials
b. specification sheet
c. location dimension
d. engineering drawing

I'm not 100% sure about this question. I know for sure it's not C. I think it is A. Does anyone know the correct answer?

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    'bill of materials=is a list of the materials needed to make one complete product. most bills of material ocntains the folowing information ofr each part on the product:
    -a part number
    -a descriptive name for the part
    -the number or quantity of parts needed to manufacture one product
    -The size of the part
    -the material out of which the part is to be made

    The important properties that a material must posess for a specific application are communicated by SPECIFIATION SHEETS.

    ENGINEERING DRAWINGS communicate basic information needed to construct the product or structure.

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    When my son and son-in-law go hunting for a new computer, cell phone, printer, or whatever, they always spend a lot of time reading the "specs" -- what do you think that abbreviation refers to?

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    i'm sorry, i don't get what you're saying

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    Notice the use of "specs" in the title and article here:

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