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Hi,could anyone help me with this questin please. Thank you so much.
some folks on your planet waant to travel to the moon.But what happens to their clocks, it they leave the Earth?for other bodies, like the moon or planets the acceleration due to gravity at their surfaces will be different. How would the clocks work on the moon?Does it make a different if the spring-mass system is hung verically?Predict what would happen on less massive and more massive bodies than the earth. Then give an example using the moon and its value of gravitational acceleration, namely 1/6g. State by how much the clocks will run slow or fast on the moon when compared to Earth. Thank you so much.

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    Gravity affects the period of a pendulum, but few practical clocks use pendulums anymore. Clocks than depend upon a spring-and-mass system, or electrical oscillations in a crystal (like many wristwatches today) will not be affected by gravity.

    There IS a general-theory-of-relativity effect of gravity on all clocks, as well as life processes and light emission frequencies, but it is very small.

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