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what influence did economic conditions have on the outcome of the Civil War?

why does ECONOMIC CONDITIONS have to do with Civil War??

Also, the second question says that, did charles force civil war on parliament? list 2 columns, 1 yes, 1 no, give reasons,

i dun get this either, i mean, of course he forced the parliament, hes always dishonest in his dealings with everyone, he always wanted money, so, i cant think of more, and i cant think of the NO reasons, PLZ HELP!!

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    This article may help you.

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    First the Scots, then the Irish, rebelled against the King who had to then respond,but he had no money. Parliament in the end, did not give money to Charles, but managed the funds through themselves, and in the end, those who controlled the purse strings, controlled who won.

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    hmm i read it so many times on my texbook. well charles himself started the war cuz he always wants money rite? but then the parliament wont give him any. and then becuz the grand remonstrance thingy, charles wasn't happy about it so he lead an army and invaded the house of commons, then the war started rite? so this is a political war? not a religious?

    but still, i cant think of any reason why he DIDN'T force parliament to fight bak, to start the war. becuz hes just so obssesed wif money he lost himself? and then ppl hate charles? i dun GET IT.

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