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Alrighty, this is what I got with my essay and I worked really hard! How is it?

Until the early 1500’s the Roman Catholic Church was the one who decided all religious matters for the Christian Western Europe. When some Christians started to protest against the practices of the Roman Catholic Church & started the process of reform, they broke up with the church & what is now called the Protestant branch of Christianity was formed.
During that era in 1534 the Henry the VIII of England severed his ties with the Roman Catholic Church & created what is now known as the Church of England & installed himself as the leader along with the title of the King.

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    With the passage of time, the rulers following Henry the VIII tried to impose the protestant Christian religion on to the Irish people in Ireland who were mainly Irish. The Irish people resisted this & as a result war broke out between the Irish & the English people. When the English people won the war against the Irish, they punished the people of Ireland very cruelly and allotted a lot of Irish land to the Protestant people of Britain who migrated to Ireland. Thus the war that broke up on religious grounds took another aspect i.e. the economics because the British people now controlled the wealth of Ireland & imposed their laws on the crushed catholic Irish majority.

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    The Irish people started to hate the British people for this & it followed from generation to generation & resulted in several uprisings in Ireland for freedom. In the late 1700’s the French supported a rebellion in Ireland and as a result the British Empire annexed Ireland as a colony of the Great Britain.
    The struggle of independence continued in the Ireland throughout the eighteenth century & from time to time the irish people started rebellions and armed struggle against the british annexation of the Ireland and division of Ireland into two parts. The 2/3rd majority of Northern Ireland today is Protestant while the remaining are Catholics. The Irish people are still in support of unification & independence of Ireland today.

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    Later on with the formation of the IRA in Ireland the armed struggle between the extremist Irish (which were mainly Catholic), and British, (mainly Protestants) continued, resulting in bomb blasts, hostage taking, kidnapping etc. In 1994 both sides decided to end the armed conflict & come to the table of dialogue as a result and now they are in the process of settling the centuries old disputes & there is hope that it might be settled.


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    This phrase isn't necessary: During that era.

    Put this phrase in your own words: severed his ties.

    Do you mean this? who were mainly Irish

    Spell out IRA.

    Put this in your own words: come to the table of dialogue.

    Also -- use the word and, not &.

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    Wait..can you point out where each of those things are for me?


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    No. It's your paper. Find them yourself.

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    The first sentence flagged me: The Roman Catholic church is the one who decided...

    Hmmm. You write of the church as if it were human, and those who were burned at the stake might take exception to that. Simple language is usually more effective: The Roman Catholic church decided...

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    Thanks Bob

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