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george, the german elector of _________ became king of Britain

would it be Hanover

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    Right. Hanover is correct.

    You're also right about this one: Cromwells title was Lord Protector

    Political party which opposed the ascension of james II. _ _ _ _ _

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    Cromwells, title would be Lord Protector, right?

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    oh, sorry.

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    I'm having trouble on this one. The earl of_____ was the leader of the tories. It only has 5 letters

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    spread false stories of roman Catholic plots: it has 5 letters, the 2nd letter is a and the last one is s.

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    This act made it illegal to hold an individual in prison without trial:
    It has 12 letters and the 2nd letter is A

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    The act of_________ stated that only an Anglican could hold the English Throne:it has 7 letters

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  • To. Ms. Sue -

    The act of_______ joined the england and scotland into the united kingdom of grat britain: I think it is actofunion

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    Right. Act of Union

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    This act made it illegal to hold an individual in prison without trial:
    It has 12 letters and the 2nd letter is A : Habeas Corpus

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    what made parliament stronger than the monarchs

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