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Compare and contrast the short and long- term effects of the Crusades on Western Europe and the Middle East.

Western Europe: The series of military expeditions, spanning more than a hundred years, began with Pope Urban II to take back the Holy Land from Muslim control. Land was only given to older sons; the crusaders also provided the opportunity for younger sons to gain new lands. By eleventh century Muslim leader had control over the holy lands. First crusades. Resulted in the capture of Jerusalem and the establishment of the four Crusader kingdoms. Due to the exposure of the Muslim world they brought back discoveries of many goods that they could only import before.

Middle East: In the eleventh century, Muslim leaders were in control of many cities that was considered sacred fro Christians. A campaign against the Muslim began to form in both Western Europe and Byzantine Empire. The Islamic world in the Middle East continued to thrive despite the crusaders unsuccessful attempt to take land permanently and the Crusades had very little long term effect on Muslim territory. The Crusaders brought back paper and sugar, and thy learned how to make to make many of the goods they previously could only import. Muslims also made enormous intellectual contributions to Europe in two ways: Arabic translation of works by ancient Greek scientists and philosophers. Second, Arabs and Iranians building on the work of the ancient philosophers had added their own insights to give rise to new and innovative ideas.

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    You have some good ideas there. However, some of the information in the second paragraph belong in the first. Also, be sure to proofread carefully. You've left out a few words and a few words should be plural.

    It often helps to let your writing sit overnight and then read it again. Having someone read it slowly out loud to you will also help you catch your mistakes.

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    this answer is rong af!!!!!!

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