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Jared wants to save $100 to buy a tennis racket. He saces $8 each week, and his mother gives him a extra $0.25 for each dollar he saves.

Determine the number of week it will take Jared to save $100.

I am pretty sure the answer is 12 weeks and he would have $5 dollars left over. Can you please check for me? Thank you!

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    Sorry that is suppose to be He saves $8

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    So he gains $8.25 each week

    100/8.25 = 12.12

    this tells us that he needs slightly more than 12 weeks to get to $100

    check: 12x8.25 = $99

    Since there will probably be tax on his purchase, he must save for 13 weeks buy the tennis racket.

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    Actually, his mother is more generous because she gives him $0.25 for every dollar he saves. So each week he comes up with
    $8 + 8*0.25=$10

    Can you figure out the rest?

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    thanks i got the answer

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    He has 13 weeks with some extra money left over!!!

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    The answer is 10 weeks. His mother is giving him .25 for every dollar. He saves $1, he gets .25, $2, he gets .50, etc. In one week, he gets $10. 10 times 10 is 100.

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    Gabby you're correct that's what i was thinking i thought i was the only one...

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