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Totally confused and have 5 more problems like this. Can someone explain each step for these questions? Thanks!

Let f(x) = e^x–2 + 3.

(a) Describe in words how the graph of f can be obtained from the graph of y = e^x.

(b) What is the domain of f?

(c) What is the range of f?

(d) What is the y-intercept? State the approximation to 2 decimal places (i.e., the nearest hundredth).

(e) What is the horizontal asymptote?

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    The graph is exponential, with f(x) shifted upward three units, and to the right two units.
    domain of f is all real values of f
    range? 3 to inf
    y intercept is when x is zero. e^-2 + 3
    or about 1/e^2 + 3 =appx 1/6 + 3 + 3.15 check that in your calculator

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