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Okay, I have to interview my partner for this assignment.

What would be 10 good questions that I could ask him?

What would you want to know about a person?

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    We'll be glad to assist you if we know what questions you've already planned.

  • Interview/Questions (URGENT) -

    I currently have:

    1. Where were you born?

    2. How old are you?

    3. What are your interests?

    4. What do you like to eat?

    5. What is your favorite color?

    6. Who is in your family?

    And that's all I have so far.

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    7. What does your family like to do together?

    OK, now you make up another...

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    Favorite School Subjects
    Favorite Activities
    If they have any siblings
    Depending what grade your in the school that they went to before the one that your at now
    If they have a job (depends on what grade you are in)
    What their dream profession is?
    Plans for the future
    Favorite Vacation Memory
    Involved in any sports or clubs
    Have any pets? If so there name and what type it is.
    What they look forward to most about school everyday?
    Famous Inspirational Role Model that they look up to
    Depending on how old you are if they drive if so what type of car do they have?
    Any pet peeves that they have
    Favorite Movie or Television show & why
    Best piece advice someone has every given them
    What do there parents do for a living
    What makes them the person that they are today? (Like their qualities)


  • Interview/Questions (URGENT) -

    Maybve stuff like Where were you born and What month??? HOPE I HELPED

  • Interview/Questions (URGENT) -


    Where would you like to visit?

    ...and that's all, I can't think of any more.

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