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I have two questions...

1.Lenear system...If you are painting the white lines around the perimeter of a tennis court. You measure and find that the perimeter is 228ft and the lenght is 42ft longer that the width...I need to write a linear system equation where W will be the width of the tennis court and let L be the length of the tennis court....I need to find the length and width of the tennis court...I believe the equation maybe L=W + 42,,I'm loss...

2. A hotel rents a double occupanch room for $20 more than a single occupancy room. One night, the hotel took in $3115 after renting 15 double occupancy rooms and 26 single occupancy room. I need to write and solve a linear system equatio to find the cost of renting a double occupancy room and the cost of renting a single occupancy room...I don't know where to starte...please help...Thank you

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    1. Yes on the length, now write the perimeter equation 228=2L + 2W=2(W+42)+ 2W

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