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In January, gasoline cost $1.05 per gallon. In July, gasoline cost $1.20 per gallon. Find the percent of increase.

Would the answer for this question be 14.3?

And how do you do percent of decrease?

The original cost of a computer is $900. If the price is decreased by 15%, what is the sale price?

I need help with this question(:
Thank you

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    percent (increase or decrease) is

    Percent= (final-initial)/initial * 100

    fifteen percent of 900 is 130 dollars.
    so the cost is 900-130 dollars

    price=(100-percentdecrease)/100 * 900

  • Adv. Math -

    bob, this looks kind of like exponential growth and exponential decay, is it? I was just wondering since we just started on exponential decay today.

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