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Why should society as a whole change its way of thinking and begin to spread ideas with each other. Relating back to how does social norms change war as a social disease versus non-conformity

  • english Ms. Sue -

    why do you always want ms. sue? is it because she's an english tutor, is it because you only want her to answer because you know she will answer you the way you want to be, or can others answer you too?

    Justa question.

  • english Ms. Sue -

    It doesn't matter. She has just been help me since the beginning and knows exactly what I'm asking.

  • english Ms. Sue -

    Yes, others can answer, but Michele and I have been working together on this essay for several days.

    Society will change its ways of thinking when the people are dissatisfied with the old ways.

    However, for Britain, involvement in World War II was a matter of self-preservation. If it had surrendered to Germany, it's likely that Germany would have taken over the country.

    I'm confused about why you keep referring to " war as a social disease versus non-conformity." As I've already stated a couple of times, non-conformists can often prevent the spread of fear that leads to war. If the non-conformists had been able to influence our government about the foolhardiness of invading Iraq, we might have saved thousands of lives.

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