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Which of the following would be the best illustration of the expressive role in U.S. society, as developed by Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales?
1. A newly married woman keeps a spotless apartment and cooks beautiful gourmet meals.
2. On Saturday, Bill does not need to go into the office, and he uses this time to mow the lawn and tune the engine of his wife's car.
3. On dates, Al is very talkative and shares his innermost feelings with his date.

4. Lucy works as a nurse, but she makes sure that she keeps the apartment clean and has a nice meal on the table for her husband.

it has to be 1 or 4. im thinking 1. there perspective is more on the olden days ways of thinking on how things should be run. right?

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    Gender specific instrumental or expressive is what we expect. We expect the man to be in the instrumental role, and the wife to be in the expressive mode.
    1 is instrumental rols
    2. is instrumental rols. Does his wife ever tune his car?
    4. Is the instrumental rols.
    Now 3. Al is really stupid to open himself up like that in such an expressive mode. It is not his function, and it is outside his God given instrumental role.

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