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Stat hw question help me please?
In a high profile murder case a sample of the general public's opinions concerning the guilt or innocence of the defendant is taken. A sample of n=100 males results in 62% of the respondents beliving that the defendant is guilty, while a sample of 120 females results in 58% of the respondents beliving that the defendant is guilty.
A. calculate a 95% confidence interval for the percentage of males who believ that the defedant is guilty.

b. calculate a 95% confidence interval for the percentage of females who believe that the defendant is guilty.

c. based on a and b , does it appear that a majority of both males and females believed the defendant is guilty?

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    Calculate the standard deviation.
    SD = sqrt(p*q/n) = sqrt(.62*.38/100) = .0485.
    95% confidence interval (use alpha=1.96) -- ranges between .62+.0485*1.96 and .62-.0485*1.96

    Repeat for females.

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