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please check these:
1. According to the Scientific Method, why does a physicist make observations and collect data?
a. to decide which parts of a problem are important
b. to ask a question
c. to make an interpretation
d. to solve all problems
i was confused between A and B.but i chose B
2. Why do physicists use models?
a. to explain the complex features of simple phenomena
b. to describe all aspects of a phenomenon
c. to explain the basic features of colplex phenomena
d. to describe all of family
i picked A

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    sorry my mistake, for the first problem i chose A

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    To be honest, I don't like any of the answers on either. Physicists make observation and collect date in order to discern patterns in nature, and to test a hypothesis. I don't see any answers close that.

    On the second, models are used so that we can do generate a prediction from known input variables. B is the closest to this, but it woefully explains it.

    I have no idea what your teacher has in mind.

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    i don't really have a teacher, im homeschooled..but for the first one my book says: make observations and collect data that lead to a question
    and for the second one it just says: physicists use models to explain the most fundamental features of various phenomena.

    what do you think would be the closest answers to both of these?

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    I agree with Bob Pursley with #1. With #2 I might, in a pinch, go with c but that is short changing it I think.

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    a, and c.

    Just for information, what is the title and author of your text?

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    so you don't think any are the right answers for #1?

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    Raymod A. Serway
    Jerry S. Faughn

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    ok thankyou guys for your help!!!

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    I have a copy of that book, College Physics, 5th edition, but I've not seen those questions or answers.

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    im doint a 11th grade course of physics..i don't think mines is the same as yours

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    Do you go to Connections Academy?

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