Poem Lineage by Margaret Walker

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I need help with this question?
How does the last line affect the interpretation of the poem.

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    Have you read the poem?
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    What is different about that last line that doesn't occur anywhere else in that poem?

  • Poem Lineage by Margaret Walker -

    It depends mostly on the last line. It can change the poem from sad to happy or serious to funny etc, and it can also sometimes change the meaning of the poem or the feeling. Does that help?

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    Yes I have read this poem and I think I have the answer is it because the speaker wants to be strong like the grandmothers. Is there more to add to this?

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    Maybe the speaker doesn't want to be like grandma. Maybe the speaker is acknowledging there is a difference in time and the result is that she (the speaker) is not strong in the same sense as grandma was. This last line certainly opens up the entire poem to different interpretations.

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    The entire poem EXCEPT the last line describes the grandmothers and and describes them as strong and right and industrious ... all the positive things.

    The last line starts with "I" -- that's very different -- shifts the focus. And then there's the negative. The last line is a complete turn-around. Is the author wishing she could be like her grandmothers? Is the author trying to figure out why she is not like her grandmothers? Or is the author making a subtle point about the great differences in generations?

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    O you know

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    idk what to say?(:

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    Margaret Walker was African/American. This poem is referring to the strength of her female ancestors who were slaves. It tells of some of the things they had to do on a daily basis. She is comparing herself to them and feels that she is not as strong. Physically she may not have been, but I think she was strong in her own way. Her accomplishments show her strength of character....but aren't we all a little too harsh on ourselves as least some of the time?

  • Poem Lineage by Margaret Walker -

    When we listen to stories of our elders, we often find ourselves awed and humbled to learn of the hardships they endured in their lifetime. It makes us wonder if we "measure up" to them.

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    uhm im not sure the site that u r giving me is unavailable GOSH!!!!!!!

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