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I just wanted to post this question once more. I have to go offline soon.
Please go over my answers. Thanks

True or false:
7.Eruptions fom volcanoes decrease global temperatures.

I answered false because volcanes spew out CO2 into the atmophere.

The 16._________-sphere affects the 17._____-sphere when solar energy causes liquid water to become water vapor.
for 16. I said atmosphere
for 17. I said hydrosphere
did I answere 16 correctly? Does the atmosphere really include solar energy?

2. Which statement best explains why the greenhouse effect increases earth's averag temperature?
a.(I know this answer's wrong)
b.Less infrared radiation escapes to outer space.
c.More incoming solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere.
d.Less incoming solar radiation is reflected by the atmosphere.

I guessed c.

Imagine that earth wasn't rotating & covered entirely w/ water rather than the current pattern including land. Assume the sun is directly abovethe equator. What winds and pressure patterns would occur.

I sort of answered this one but I mainly guessed.

  • Science (weather & climate) - -

    Volcanos emit a lot of ash,which shades Earth. This effect is stronger than global warming due to CO2.

    I would reverse 16 and 17. The amount of water affects greatly the atmosphere when it turns to vapor.

    The CO2 in the upper atmosphere traps IR radiation coming from Earth, so it does not escape.

    Well, the warm side would heat up, vaporize water to the atmosphere, which increases total pressure, and then air/water vapor moves to the dark side, the water vapor condenses, and it rains.

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