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Math: slope problem

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Suppose a line passes through the point (6 caps, $3/cap) and has a slope of -3. Which of the following points also lie along that line? Select all that apply.

a) 4 caps, $9/cap
b) 7 caps, $0/cap
c) 5 caps, $5/cap
d) 2 caps, $7/cap
e) 7 caps, $1/cap
f) 4 caps, $5/cap

My answer: a, c, e

Am I correct?

  • Math: slope problem -

    If the line is

    b=21 so

    a) 9=-3(4)+21=-12+21=9 checks
    b) 0=-3(7)+21=0 checks
    c) 5=-3(5)+21=6 does not check
    You can check the rest.

  • maths ncrt -

    (0-8/5)is a solution of 2x-5y=7 is/not how

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