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ok so i'm confused about my essay topic:

"what creative works (any medium) should a student be exposed to in order to prepare for university life?"

im confused on what creative works they are referring to. art? literature?

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    Here is one definition of creative works: A creative work is a tangible manifestation of creative effort such as literature, paintings, software.


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    Creative work can be in any medium. I consider it a willingness to try something new or something in a new way.... push the boundaries, explore where no one has gone.

    It can be cooking, photograhy, any form of art or music or dance or theatre or writing. It can involve machinery or flowers....anything.

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    Creative works that come to mind for students to be exposed to before college include:

    Thomas Paine essays
    Thoreau essays
    a few Poe short stories and poems.
    A review of Greek architecture.
    Shakespeare plays Hamlet, MacBeth, and Othello, followed by the any one of those put to Opera score, in person, with good seats.
    Michelangelo...examine closely several of his sculptures, and in great detail the Sistine Chapel.
    A visit, even virtual, to St Pauls Cathedral in London.
    Front row seats to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
    Front row seats to Handel's Messiah.

    Perhaps I would include a dash of Dali,Picasso. A visit to the the Met Museum of NY would do.

    Finally, a tour inside any large dam and associated electric generating station.

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    I forgot to add one of the works of Hawthorne.

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    Definitely the Met Museum..and the Smithsonian; a road trip across Rt. 66 from east coast to west coast... with frequent stops along the way. I would add a trip to a Tennessee Williams play, a modern ballet, a great musical.

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