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I have a question on the republican principles applied by Jefferson and Madison during their presidencies.

Can someone help me out on what they mean by "republican principles"?


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    Here's an excellent definition of "republican principles" from the site linked below.

    "In other words, republican principles can be said to be: principles incorporated into the workings of government which help guard against the excesses or tyranny of both the majority and minority factions; principles that promote the general welfare of the community as a whole by treating every person equally and guarding each individual persons rights."

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    "(1) The belief that one's country ought to be a republic rather than a monarchy"

    So then you must be clear on what a republic is.
    See definitions 1a and 2a.

    Let us know what you think.

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    I suggest you read about the "Principles of 1798" that are discussed at this web site:

    Their presidencies came later, but those are probably the principles to which you refer.

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    So, Jefferson and Madison founded the Democratic- Republican party, and these are some of their principles?...

    -Opposed federalissts
    -Opposed Jay treaty
    -Supported good relations with France
    -Strict constitution
    -Opposed hamiltons principles
    -Favored low taxes, states rights, and reduced spending
    -Opposed standing army or navy

    Were the principles consistent during their presidencies?

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    You're partly right. Check these sites for details.

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