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f(x)=1/x, g(x)=3X+1 find:
f(g(3)) how do i do thiss...
g.g, g.f, f.g, pleaseee help:)thanks for your timeee

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    you can first find g(3) = 10
    then do f(1) = 1/10

    so g(g(3)) = 1/10

    you try the other one.

    another way is to find f(g(x)) itself.
    this would be practical if you had a whole bunch of question to find

    = 1/(3x+1)

    notice the right side gives you 1/10 directly

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    my third line should have said

    f(g(3)) = 1/10

    for your last part,
    e.g. gºg would mean g(g(x))
    = 3(3x+1) + 1
    = 9x+ 4

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    OHHH thanks reiniyyyy

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