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I need help with solving these word problems.

Marion rides her racing bicycle @ speed of 8 m/s. Bicycle wheels have a radius of 34 cm. What is the angular speed of wheels? How many times does each wheel go around during a 10-min race?

A car tire has radius of 33cm. Tire turns a total of 10,250 radians during trip to store. How many meters did car travel?

  • Physics -

    r = 0.34 m
    omega r = 8 m/s
    omega = 8/.34 radians/second

    10 min = 600 s
    600 * 8/.34 = total radians in 10 minutes
    divide that by 2 pi radians per revolution

    r = 0.33 m
    angle in radians * r = distance travelled
    10,250 *.33 = answer

  • Physics -

    tangenial speed=angularspeed*radius
    tangential speed is given, as is radius.

    for the second, revolutions/2PI=angularspeed*time

  • Physics -

    Is the answer for the 1st question ...23.5 rad/ sec?

    Is the answer for the 2nd question...66 times?

    Is the answer for the 3rd question...3382.5 meters?

  • Physics -

    How do you turn 30 degrees to radians?

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