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I am doing a power point on red cross and the disaster responses they have this is one thing I would like to cover but can not find anything up to date can anyone help? What are new technology available to enhance disaster preparedness in the red cross organization.

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    Are you tinking in terms of local planning or international disasters?

    Electronic media give the Red Cross almost minute by minute knowledge of what is happening in most of the world.

    When they are where they need to be cell (mobile) phone or sat phones enable commmunication.

    In terms of preparedness there is quite a lot that can be done in terms of logistics planning, i.e. having the appropriate supplies in the right place at the right time ready to be shipped. Again modern comminications enable the correct transport to be organised and to find how much and what is needed where.

    Is this what you are after? You might need to Google emergency preparedness or similar?

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    Dr Russ is right.

    In addition, the weather forecasters have better and better tools with which to predict such things as hurricanes (including wind fields, storm surge, intensity, speed, etc.), all of which allows agencies such as the Red Cross and FEMA to stage relief and other supplies just outside the projected area of damage so they can move in faster and into the most in-need places.
    Index on the left.
    Check out the links throughout this weather blog's posts for further ideas, such as the use of newer wind-intensity prediction capabilities.

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    thank you for your help after I posted this i also found on the red cross web site somethng called CAPwins this is some really good info as well. thank you for your help but if you know anthing about htis your input on it would be great.

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    This serves a certain area in the country, not the country as a whole, but it's definitely a good idea.

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    It is worth remembering that the Red Cross is a World Wide organisation and has links with many communication organisations, professional and amateur.
    One that you might like to research is the Radio Amateurs emergancy network (RAYNET in the UK) and there are links on the ARRL site for the USA (I can't remember the US acronym at the moment).
    This group did an enormous amount to aid communications during 9/11 when the professional services were down and during a number of hurricanes. You will need to carry out a Google search for some examples. There is a little in

    but I am sure you can find more.

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    thank you all for your help I have found a lot of good things here.

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