7th grade pre algebra

posted by William

We need assistance solving

3 + 2(k+1) = 6 + 3k

I know the 2(k+1) has to become 2k + 2

then we have 3 + 2k + 2 = 6 + 3k
then we can subtract 3k from both sides to get
3 +2k + 2 - 3K = 6
But can I combine the 3+2 on the left
and the 2k - 3k to get -1k?

leaving us with 5 -1k = 6
-1k = 6-5
-1k = 1
k = -1

  1. Ms. Sue

    Great! You are correct!

  2. William

    Thank you! I had figured it out four ways the wrong way. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Think it may have to do with the MiDAS rule or something but cannot figure it out.

  3. William

    5/6t + 4 = 2 - 1/6t

    Is the best thing to do first in this case to get rid of the fractions? Should I turn them into decimals or multiply both sides by 6? And when I multiply by 6, do I multiply each factor by 6. SO it becomes

    5t + 4(6) = 2(6) -t

  4. Catie

    z/6 + 11 > -49

    This is my problem for homework and I don't know how to do it. My teacher showed us but I guess it didn't get throw to me. ?????????????? Help

  5. Writeacher

    PEMDAS is the order of operations!
    (Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally = PEMDAS mnemonic = easier to remember)


  6. Kim

    What is The Answer To This Question Below?
    Evaluate (m-3.2)(m+4.1)when m=-4.1

  7. Sibu

    how do i solve the problem3(z-2)+6=5(z+4)

  8. alyssa

    what is the answer to.. round the difference of two hundred and seven-tenths and one hundred twenty-nine and nine tenths to the nearest whole number?

  9. guygtutyv

    the key is to try its very clear. Just use your distributive property when its ilke 3(3*4) . Your just nervous because it looks like a big problem

  10. Brittany

    66 2/3 of 120?

  11. jitzell

    12 . -12 = p

  12. Roni

    I have a problem solving a math problem in my sons math book. We have figured out all except this one. Please Help.. I need to insert parentheses to make this xpression equial 20


    Thank You....

  13. jewels

    how to simplify 2p+22q squared-p

  14. kosty


  15. bob

    i like chicken

  16. Mo

    that is not a legitiment question

  17. Jake

    The Answer is: Chicken Wings

  18. as if

    haha fantastic -_-

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