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In Act 2 scene 4, lear is finally confronted by the betrayal of his daughters.Lear is stripped bare and reduced to a helpless old man and it also marks he start of his descent in to madness. How does Shakespeare do so in Act 2 Scene 4???

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    How does Shakespeare do so?

    How does each of the daughters reject him?

    What does he do after this complete rejection?

    What are the signs that he's going crazy?

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    In this scene, the daughters Regan and Goneril show no love, tenderness, understanding or gratitude to their father. Regan at least says he may stay, but with no followers and she asks that he ask Goneril for forgiveness. Being rejected by his daughters, the King rejects them and takes off into the storm, angry, with his followers. Regan's husband Cornwall has put Kent into the stocks and the King has no one "in his corner."


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