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I'm stuck with another research paper so I've decided to make this one very simple about cats. Here are a few questions i need answered:
How many different breeds of cats are there?
When and where were the first cats?
Do cats carry any power?
I don't think this is a good topic because i still can't get much on it but i need something simple. the 2 urls i received before were good but i want something easy. any ideas?

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    "but i want something easy."

    Those words speak volumes.

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    hehe thanks but nevermind. I've decided on the Taj Mahal:Who built it and why?
    Can I get some information on that so that I can make an outline then write a research paper on it?

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    Use and search for any/all of these

    taj mahal history

    taj mahal building it

    and any other variations you can think of

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    OK thanks

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    Strangely, I would have prefurred the topic of cats. Much more to write about.

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    Yes, that's why I considered it first but I'm having trouble making an outline for it.

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    Start with a spray diagram (no pun intended!). Say put 'Cats' in the middle of an A4 page. Now around this put attributes/characteristics of cats as you think of them and draw a line to the word cats. How many breeds was one you came up with. You could also have size, food, colour, locations to start you off. Add as many as you can.

    Then take each one of these and do a little research. Remember that cats are members of the species felidae.

    Let's take size. A little research finds that the various species of felid vary greatly in size. One of the smallest is the Black-footed Cat at between 35-40 cm in length, while the largest is the Siberian Tiger.

    How many species? There are about 40.

    Locations - there are no native wild cats in Australia.

    If you are talking about breeds you are talking about domesticated cats. There are quite few breeds of cat depending the definition of breed used. See

    A particular interest to me has been the use of DNA to establish a cat family tree. All 40 species descended from a common ancester some 11 million years ago.

    After the research and do limit your time! Choose a couple of the topics that most interest you to write about.

    Good writing is not easy. Planning what you write is half the battle.

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    In my area, visitors include mountain lions, lynx, and bobcats. I haven't trapped a lion yet, nor wish to.

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