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hi, I just need some ideas in how to make a SOP Standard operating procedure for guard behavior in a correctional. I think I will be including things like guard fraternization with prisoners, treatment of prisoners of the opposite sex, acceptance of bribes or favors by guards, prisoner favoritism and disciplining of prisoners by guards, but the only thing is I really don't know how to make an SOP. Just need an idea that is all, I am not asking for anything else. Thanks

  • criminal justice -

  • criminal justice -

    Since when do guards discipline prisoners? Doesn't that violate the equal protection part of the Constitution.

    Most SOP would have to do with Guard and Prisoner safety, how to escort, when to break up fights, how to search, what to do in an emergency, etc.

    SOP is the main way lives are saved. The sex business is a rather minimal part of the effort. The main job of guards is to preserve life, property, and administer the day to day operations of the unit. Tensions are always high, and the units are full of anti-social folks, in come cases sociopaths, who are not gentle. I think I would focus on safe procedures, and safety, and monitoring.

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