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You are staning in front of church looking to the right. How do I get to the restaurant? Just go straight. It's past the department store.

1. It's around the corner.
2. Just go straight a little.
3. Just go straight on 1st Street.
3-1. Just go straight on 1st street for 10 minutes.

4. Just fo straight for 10 minutes. It's past the department store.

5. Just go straight and pass the intersection. It's around the corner.

6. Just go straight for 1 kilometer. It's at the corner.

7. Just go straight. Then you can see an intersection. Go straight again. It's across from the park.

8.Just go down to 2nd Street. Then turn right. It's on your left.

( Would you check all the expressions above? Can we use all the expressions when we ask the way and give directions.)

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    The answers are not all the same in terms of direction. Grammatically speaking, they are all right, but 1,2 and 3 are pretty useless in terms of providing precise directions.

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    All sound good except maybe for #s 5 and 7. The phrase "pass the intersection" is vague -- unclear what to do at that intersection. In #7, you might say, "Just go straight. You'll reach an intersection; keep going straight ... "

    And don't forget to correct the spelling at the very beginning -- "standing."

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