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1. You can write everything down.
2. You can write down everything.
(Are both correct?)

2-2. You can write it down. (O)
2-3. You can write down it. (X)

(When the object is a pronoun, we cannot write 'write down it', right? Then, what about #2? In #2, everything is a pronoun. Is #2 correct?)

3. Turn your cellular phone on.
Turn your cellular phone off.
Turn on your cell phone.
Turn off your cell phone.

(Are all correct?)

  • English -

    The first question: both are correct
    The second question: huh?
    The third question: all are correct

  • English -

    1 and 2 and 2-2 are correct; 2-3 is not correct.

    As Nancy said, all in 3 are correct.

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