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this is a word problem:the country of hoffnemath is holding its presidential election this week. there three candidates(a,b,c,) and each eligible voter can vote for two of them. the candidate with the most total votes wins the election. here is a summary of the results:
>half of the eligible voters vote for candidate a,and divide their second vote among b and c in a ratio of 6:3.

> half of the other eligible voters cast their vote for candoidate b,and divide their second vote between a and cin the ratio 1:4

> two-thirds of the remaining eligible voters vote for c and divide their vote between a and b in the ratio 1:1.

>540 of the eligible voters do not vote at all.

1. how many votes does each candidate receive?

2. how many eligible voters are there in hoffmanmath country?

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    how do you use front end estimation to find the sum of 5.19 and 2.79

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    12+0 25+4.75

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