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Population density is described as the average number of people per square kilometre. The population density of Canada is approximately 3.5 persons/km2. Use the data in the table. Name a province or territory that has:

a) A population density closest to that of Canada

The chart:

Province: Ontario
Population: 12 393 ooo
Area (km2): 917 700

Province: Saskatchewan
Population: 995 000
Area (km2): 591 700

Province: British Colombia
Population: 4 196 000
Area (km2) : 925 200

Province: Nunavut
Population: 29 600
Area(km2): 1 939 000

  1. bobpursley

    Look at the area of each, and mentally multiply each area by 3.
    Ontario is way large
    Sas is small
    BC is about 4
    Nun is way small.

  2. cassie

    thank u!:)

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