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posted by Hope

What is a horizon line? Where do you never put it?

  1. martha

    a horizon line is the line where you see the land meets the sky or the sea meets the sky. never put it....?


    Both will give you horizontal line because you eyes sees it that way. Perspective of visual distance.

  3. bobpursley

    Never? I never knew that never existed in any art form.

    In drawings expressing reality, I would not put the horizon line below things you see the tops of, or above the things you see the bottoms of. The horizon line is at eye level. above that, you see the tops of things, below that, you see the bottoms of things.
    Now in art, thinking of Dali, I am not so certain these rules are fixed with certainity.

  4. Sara

    In a traditional landscape the horizon line is most visually pleasing at either the top third or bottom third of the picture depending on the subject matter. IF your picture is a seascape about crashing waves and big boats, the horizon would be in the top third (or less of the pciture). But if the picture was about a thunderstorm, and the violence ofthe weather, i would put it in the bottom third of the picture. Hope this helps.

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