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I have written a small essay on this question:

Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society in the New England and Chesapeake regions.

Here is what I wrote. Could someone read it and tell me if it is correct, and maybe add some comments? please

The New England and Chesapeake colonies were founded by immigrants from England. The two regions turned into two very different colonies, and a large factor was religion. The immigrants wanted to “purify” the Catholic church of England, and they left England because of religious persecution.

The New England Colony was established by Puritans who wanted to start over and have religious freedom. They had a society of precise religious participation, and wanted to keep their communities productive. They believed that all men are created equal and slavery should not be practiced. A government based on the consent of the people was established, and the church and state were separated.

Lord Baltimore II founded the Chesapeake Colony with the motive of establishing a place where English people who were discriminated against in England could go. Originally, estate owners were only Catholic men, and Protestants were servants. There was a mixture of Catholics and Protestants, but the Protestants outnumbered the Catholics. Lord Baltimore guaranteed freedom of religion to anyone who believed in Jesus Christ. This ensured Catholic safety, and Maryland had the most Roman Catholics by the end of the Colonial Era. The people of Chesapeake were looking for large profits. They had plantations full of crops, making them very wealthy, while having slaves work on the land.

The two regions came from England, but had some different ideas. The New England people were looking for a place to settle with their families and focus on religion, while the Chesapeake people were looking to gain large profits.

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    There was no "Chesapeake" colony. Do you mean Maryland? or Virginia?

    You wrote this -- "immigrants wanted to 'purify' the Catholic church of England" -- but you never explained what this means. Why is "purify" in quotation marks? Are you quoting someone? Who? From where? And what does this mean??

    What does this mean -- "society of precise religious participation"? Another phrasing without clarification.

    What does this mean -- "and the church and state were separated"? How did they do this? What were the results? What would their colony have been like if they hadn't separated church and state?

    This -- "while having slaves work on the land" -- is an ENORMOUS subject, but it's completely unexplained in your paper. Please expand.

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    I don't know if I agree with you entirely. The Puritans came to America so they could dictate how religion was to be practiced. Yes, they were discriminated against in England, they wanted to get away from that, but they did not want freedom of religion, except for all to be free to worship their way.
    In the Chesapeake colony, large profits is not a part of religion. These folks had a diversity of religion, and practiced religious tolerance, unlike the Puritans.
    As the Puritans were disbursed, there came many religions (German, Lutheran, Baptist, Quakers, Anglicans, Catholics, et al), and this diversity forced freedom of religion and no state religion as a matter of pragmatism, as there was little choice.
    In both the Puritan and Chesapeake colonies, religion was a focal point of the communities.

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