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Can you plz give explaination to the solutions steps by steps in brief? Cz i really don't understand how 2 apply the formula when i revise it nw. Thnkz a lot. [g=10 ms^-2] Particles P, of mass 0.3 kg & Q, of mass 0.2 kg are attached to the ends of a light inextensible string. The string passes over a small fixed smooth peg which is at height of 1 m above the horizontal floor. Initally the system is held at rest with the string taut, so that Q is on the floor & P is at a height of 0.5 m above the floor. The system is released. Find the acceleration of P & the tension in the string while the particles are in motion. When P hits the floor it does not rebound. Find the magnitude of the impulse exerted by the floor on P in this impact. At the instant when P hits the floor, the string becomes detached from P. Find the greatest height above the floor reached by Q, &find also the speed of Q when it returns to the floor. When Q hits the floor it does not rebound. Ans> 2 m/s^2, 2.4 N, 0.42 Ns; 0.6 m, 3.46 m/s

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