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I am doing an assignment observing trends, techniques, issues and bias used in the media. I should reflect on these elements via a blog or an essay.

While I'm decent at english, I just don't know where to start. The topic seems so broad and I'm at a loss as to how I should present my research. The criteria is vague; I should be selecting stories, but do I analyse the media as a whole, or each story individually? Obviously propaganda and other factors are used varingly from article to article, so I don't think I can pigenhole the entire media.

Please someone help me know where I should start. I'm aiming for 1000 words.

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    You are exactly right in the second paragaraph. But 1000 words hardly lets you get to any substance. Why don't you focus on popular media, such as television commentary and news. There are several elephants that romp there, which are new in the last ten years to media. Surely comparing those elephants will allow some analysis.
    I just was reminded in my mind of a movie several years ago, Elephant Walk, with Elizabeth Taylor. It fits the situation, as I see it. I hope you saw that movie.

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    One thing that's happening in our country today is that major newspapers are losing subscribers and losing money, too. You could explore the reasons why -- the obvious (online newspapers, other newspapers, blogs, etc.)

    You can find more by searching by different newspapers' names.

    You'll also find many bloggers who refer to CBS, NBC, and ABC as MSM -- Mainstream Media -- and you can research their ratings and other ways to measure viewer numbers to see if they're dealing with the same things as the major newspapers.
    (As with any Wikipedia article, be sure to check out all the references and external links and further resources -- at the bottom of the article.)

    You have an interesting topic. You just need to determine what angle you want to focus on and then run with it.

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    Thanks guys, I'll write my piece on media bias and tacit knowledge. I think my teacher is expecting references and evidence that I have used a large array of articles in my studies. It might be difficult to incorporate them all smoothly into a finished product, but at least I have a starting point now.

    Any ideas for specific issues I could potentially look into? Maybe Chinese media censorship and the Tibetan repression? The obesity epidemic?

    I could showcase the two extreme, contrasting sides of the media by attaching some very fair articles alongside propaganda and sensationalized pieces.

    Writing my thoughts out here has also helped a lot!

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