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Juvenile Justice

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I need help trying to do a portfolio the assignment is: develope a comprehesive portfolio of information about your group (my selected group is gangs) in the juvenile justice system. These are the things that I have to cover: profile and risk factors, corrections and detentio, juvenile courts, prevention programs, guiding priciples and treatmen strategy. I just need an example of how this portfolio is suppose to look it and what it needs in it.

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    Here are many links that describe portfolio assignments:

    * Sometimes they're done for English classes (selections of the student's writing, not always what he/she considers the best; sometimes including prewriting examples, etc.; some from the beginning of the year, the middle of the year, the end of the year).

    * Sometimes they're used for art classes (selections of a variety of a student's work or a specific series, depending on the assignment; portfolios are also often, or always, used for Advanced Placement art classes).

    * Sometimes they're used in elementary grades to include a broad spectrum of what a student has learned throughout the year; sometimes including early work and later work for comparison purposes, so parents and teachers can see the progress a child has made during the year.

    I think what yours is asking for is similar to one for an English assignment, but with much more direction. I'd take each element you have to include/cover and make a section about it, including write-ups and graphics. Inside your portfolio, you should set up divisions, one for each element you need to cover. Then within each division, include your information and graphics.

    Here's what I think of when I imagine a portfolio like what you are to come up with:
    Choose ONE of these, any color you want. Then put each division's information in a regular file folder inside the portfolio/pocket folder.

    Does this help?

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    Thanks I will try that

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