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Which one of the following sentences uses Quotation Marks correctly?
A. "Some laws," he intoned,"are made to be broken."
B. "Put those books on the shelves, she said Or we'll never be able to locate them again."
C. The title of the first chapter in the new science book is"Introduction to the Planet Earth".
D. Her short story,"The Last Day of Spring", won first prize.




    Please note that all punctuation marks are WITHIN quotation marks.


    If you put a space after intoned, and before the quotation marks, sentence A is correct.

    Sentence D is incorrect, as Nahel noted, because of where the comma is in relation to the closing quotation marks. Sentence D should read like this:

    Her short story, "The Last Day of Spring," won first prize.

    Please also remember --
    * one space after every word
    * one space after every comma
    * one space after every period

    When you jam words and punctuation together, you create errors that probably weren't there in the text.

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